Frequently Asked Questions

What is Novel Tea Club? What can I expect?

Novel Tea Club is a monthly book subscription box that curates the perfect night in for readers. Once a month, we send out a book in the genre of your choice (romance, young adult, or fantasy/sci-fi), tea, and other goodies to create the perfect night in. Each box will always include a book and tea, and the other goodies can include bookmarks, coffee, tea infusers, bath bombs, candles, or snacks. We try to make all the products you receive to be usable and, for the most part, disposable. We will never send out toys or collectables in our regular subscription box. 

How does it work?

You sign up with the genre of your choice, and we do the rest! Typically, boxes ship between the 20th and the 25th of the month, baring unforeseen circumstances. We do our best to ship on-time, but sometimes, weird things happen.

Can I switch genres after I've signed up?

Sure can! We post book subject teasers on our social media pages, so people can choose the book they are most interested in! We do request that these changes occur before the 1st of the month, as we cannot guarantee having the additional copies of the requested book especially closer to ship day. Log into your account, and under subscriptions, you can change your genre, or term.

Can I skip a month or two?

You sure can! Just log into your account and, under subscriptions, you can choose to skip your next renewal. Doing it twice will skip 2 renewals. You can also un-skip a renewal if you decide you do want that month after all. Log into your account and, under subscriptions, you can switch a renewal, as well as change genres.

You sent me a book I already have/a book another book subscription sent me.

We send out new release books, some of which have a great deal of buzz about them. We cannot control what books other subscription boxes send out, nor what books you purchase on your own. We do try to give enough hints so people can figure out what book we are sending, but we know not everyone is up to date on new release books. We suggest either giving the book to a friend and having a buddy read, or donating the book to your local library, or charity.

Do you ship worldwide?

Mostly, yes. We do not ship to several countries due to customs issues (Mexico, Argentina, Philippines) or to countries that have mandatory animal testing laws on beauty products (China)

Cratejoy tells me that you are Canadian. What's up with that?

It's true, we are Canadian, however, we don't typically ship out of Canada. This is more to do with the prices of Canada Post vs. USPS than anything else. We do try to curate part of our boxes with Canadian products, and  welcome Canadian businesses to contact us for inclusion! As most of our expenses are in US dollars, yes, we charge in USD.

Speaking of inclusion...

We certainly welcome businesses to contact us regarding products that fit our box! We do request that samples be sent to us to ensure quality and fit with our box. Send an email to [email protected] with information about your business, your products and prices!

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