About Novel Tea Club

A little about us...

Novel Tea Club was formed to share our favourite things! The idea itself was shockingly simple- I love to read, and drink copious amounts of tea-surely I wasn't the only one who loved a night in? 

We sent out our first box in January, 2016, and have learned so much since then. We are so glad that so many have joined us on our journey.  We have loved all of the items and books we have sent out, and love supporting small businesses all over North America. We have lots of plans for the future, and hope that you will join us in enjoying a perfect night in.

The idea of creating Novel Tea Club came from the the awesome folks at Meowbox-Olivia and Francois. They told us to find the things we are passionate about, which are books and tea, and roll with it.  Originally, the entire operation was run by just Lindsay, but, a month in, it became clear that Novel Tea was something we both wanted to do, and so Kristan joined up, officially. Since then, we have added our CCO, Meatball, the Wonderdog.

Meet Novel Tea Club!

Lindsay McAlpine


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Kristan Poirier


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Meatball the Wonderdog

Hufflepuff (probably)

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Who doesn't need a perfect night in? Books, tea, and all sorts of goodies to create a perfect atmosphere for a night in to chill. 

We support small businesses all across North America,