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Boxes containing a great night in are shipped between the 20-25th of every month. Cut off for that month is the 21st, or when sold out,

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Seriously the best subscription box I've ever tried. I look forward to it every month, and brag about how cool it is to pretty much anyone that will listen. 10/10 for anyone that loves reading and tea!



Novel Tea has had a great sense of what people might like to read, what to include in the boxes, and the items that arrive each month feel like a complete package rather than a bunch of random items tossed into a box.



You took all of my favourite things, and put them together-what's not to love?


Get your own night in!

We read every single book that is sent out. We curate artisinal and small batch items that create the perfect night in for readers-book, tea, candles, bookmarks, bath bombs, snacks, and more.

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How often will I get this box?

Novel Tea Club ships between the 20-25th of every month, and the official cut-off date is the 21st of the month.  While we do out best to ensure that everyone is able to subscribe whenever they choose, sign-ups may be closed at certain times due to high demand, and not enough product.

Is it only novels and tea? What's in the box?

The novel is for sure. We are a monthly book subscription box-it would be a little silly if we didn't send out books, you know?
The tea thing is also a for sure thing, but that doesn't mean we won't send out OTHER yummy beverages in addition to the tea . That might include coffee, hot chocolate, or other yummy beverages.
However these are not the only items in the box. Every month there are several  other items to help increase your perfect night in. There  might be a candles, bath bombs, or reading-friendly snacks to name a few. All of the items that come in the box are handmade, artisan products that are sourced from local or small business across North America. Each month will be different and exciting!

Can I switch genres after I subscribed?

Of course! You can choose which ever genres you would like for that month. We give  hits of what subgenres would be on our social media (found in the links below) every month so you can choose if you would like to  jump to a different genre for that month!

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! Who wouldn't want a subscription as a gift! You will find a button on the bottom of every page which will lead you to a user friendly gift checkout! There are also gift cards in the shop if you are unsure of the genre they would like.

Hey, I have a book/am a publisher/make cool things can I put it in your box?

It depends. Drop us an email at [email protected] and I'm sure we can work something out!